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Johnny’s First Time-Traveling Bed: Homemade TARDIS Murphy Bed

I never got into this whole Doctor Who thing, but I know some of you absolutely wet yourselves over this stuff, so… get your Depends undergarments ready.

Homemade Tardis Bed

It’s not just a hideaway Murphy bed that looks like a TARDIS; it even sounds like a TARDIS:

Once you open the 1970s lock, you will find a handmade Doctor Who replica talking , yes I said talking telephone! It says 3 or 4 different things, then when the secret button is pushed the green light turns blue
then pulses and makes the Tardis sound

And who’s the exuberant fellow responsible for this delight upon which you can bid?

I am described as a fantasy builder, I can put a model of your business in a bottle or build a childs playhouse that stops traffic, rocket powered skateboards, robot bugs, anything thats a little out of the square

Um, right. So, what’s a child’s playhouse doing in traffic?

Via The Daily What, who also sounds a bit like a tard…is.

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