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Really? This Again?: Ladies C-3PO Swimsuit

The makers of the R2-D2 swimsuit have decided to follow-up with a C-3PO swimsuit, which I’m guessing was motivated not-so-much by, “Hey, you know what’s sexy? Angular, metal pectorals and a lot of exposed wiring.” …and more by, “Hey, remember when collective internets metaphorically–and sometimes literally–fapped itself into a foamy-mouthed frenzy over our R2-D2 swimsuit? We need to pander to those sun-worshipping droid-lovers, STAT!”

C-3PO Swimsuit

Until real ladies start the inevitable posting of pics of themselves wearing this thing, I’m going to guess that “golden-rod protocol droid” look is going to be a very tricky one to pull off. Do not be fooled by the photo, above; having looked beyond the natural attractiveness of the model, I can tell you that she looks quite foolish. Don’t let your libido or lady-envy tell you otherwise.

Via Geekosystem, who sometimes finds himself motivated by angular, metal lady-envy.

* the collective internets metaphorically–and sometimes literally–fapping itself into a foamy-mouthed frenzy

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