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Thanks, 1980s Lazy Koreans!: 1983 Tron Rip-Off Cartoon [Video]

Apparently in the 80s Korea was too busy invading the U.S. auto market with mediocre cars to produce any decent, original cartoons.* Check out the plot summary for the 1983 Korean film Savior of the Earth, by way of IMDB:

Acts of terrorism are happening in the USA, Japan, France and the Pacific Ocean. The man behind these events is Dr. Butler, who tries to rule the world with his powerful computers. To save mankind, Dr. Kim, Sheila and Keith, known as “Saviors of the Earth”, are summoned. The last battle, the Deadly Game, will take place inside a computer.

Savior of the Earth

Sound familiar? Now check out footage from the movie and enjoy a particularly-disdain-packed case of deja vu.

And because insult tastes better when it’s mixed with injury, footage from Savior of the Earth was eventually edited together with three other (presumably also-craptacular) movies to form an uber-crap movie called Space Thunder Kids.

Via io9, who just figured out that nothing screams “quality” like “space thunder.”

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