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Watch This, It’s Weird: Fringe Opening Credits in Firefly Style

Thematically and stylistically, Firefly and Fringe are almost completely dissimilar.* But what they do share is the adoration of plenty of geeks, and–starting January 28 21, 2011–a time slot in the Friday night “death slot” at 9pm on Fox.

Firefly Fringe Credits

Fringe‘s premiere episode on that date is even titled, “Firefly,” ’cause, hey… shout-out, girrrrrrl!

Anyway, here’s a recut of the Fringe opening credits in the style of Firefly that some clever nerd made. It’s jarring and strange to see these two properties mushed together, but you’ll love it anyway. Because you are (a) a geek, and (b) easily amused.

Via Reddit, who has made a career out of “jarring and strange.”

* Although I’m sure an ardent nerd would love to tell me how I’m wrong.

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  • Beth December 20, 2010, 11:13 am

    Fringe actually comes back on Friday, January 21st, not the 28th as originally announced. Would hate to have people miss an episode. :)

  • MagicLoaf December 20, 2010, 12:23 pm

    Holy crap that was awesome. I mean, damn.

    And if I can ask Santa for one thing it would be to not let Fringe wind up axed thanks to Fox again f-ing up one of its best shows by putting it in a horrible time slot.

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