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Twitter Link Sampler – Week Ending January 8, 2011

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Because I’d never let you plaster a giant Twilight tattoo across your back. And if somehow you managed to get one, anyway, I’d never post a photo of it on my blog. Much.

Twilight Back Tattoo

  • Oh, no. It’s back, and it has grown. #HorrificTwilightTattoo http://bit.ly/eTlCNd
  • Vampire fangs are the new tramp stamp. Either way, your future children will think you’re an idiot. http://bit.ly/e4fzt1
  • Yeah, I can see why some of you take this show so seriously.#StarTrek http://bit.ly/fP76xX
  • “These aren’t the _______* you’re looking for. Move along.” *breasts #SFW #StarWars http://bit.ly/fGo3Qp
  • A Comic-Con parade? Aren’t the 120k sweaty nerds in San Diego in July enough of a spectacle, already? http://j.mp/dWVDBo

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