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Singing about Bustin’ Makes Him Feel Good: Ghostbusters A Cappella Multitrack

By Great White Snark | January 11, 2011

Ok, are you sick of Ghostbusters stuff, yet?

If not, I have just the merciless barrage of over-exuberant fanboyism for you, in the form of Matt Mulholland performing the Ghostbusters theme song in 14 part harmony (with himself).

Ghostbusters Multitrack

Via Unique Daily, who has never before been driven to file assault charges after an a cappella performance.

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    One Response to “Singing about Bustin’ Makes Him Feel Good: Ghostbusters A Cappella Multitrack”

    1. Wavatar A Cappella Multitrack of Ghostbusters Theme Sung Solo Says:
      January 11th, 2011 at 8:57 am

      […] Great White Snark […]