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It’s Better ‘Cause It Has Gears!: Steampunk Captain America Figure

Ever notice how the steampunk versions of things are wildly impractical? I realize that plenty of  people get excited about this stuff, ’cause, hey… Gears! And shiny brass! And shiny brass gears!

But, c’mon. Take this steampunk Captain America by John M. (a.k.a., “Jin”) on deviantART, a very-artfully-crafted Frankenstein of toy figure customization:

His base body was Air Strike Wolverine with Loki legs, Lex Luthor right hand, Medieval spawn left hand, X3 Juggernaut feet, and a DC Direct Dr Midnight head.

Steampunk Captain America Figure

Really, though? With the shield? Yes, it’s very pretty, but what is it intended to deflect? Gentle breezes? Ambient lighting? Common sense?

To his credit, though, I’d rather watch a movie about a steampunk Captain America trying to fight crime while hoisting a 75-pound shield made of gears than some flick about boring, ol’ regular Captain America.

Bid on Steampunk Captain America and check out Jin’s other custom figures.

Via toycutter, who thinks I’m missing the point. (Shiny brass gears!)

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  • anni January 11, 2011, 2:48 pm

    I like it until I focus in on his atrophied groinal region, then I stare at it until I feel vertigo.

  • miss gallowglass January 12, 2011, 2:31 pm


    i don’t know where people got this idea, but hotgluing a bunch of spurious, fatuous gears to whatever-it-is does not necessarily make it OMG AWESOME STEAMPUNK WORTH $2000 ON ETSY.

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