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His Name Was Clarence: Demon Pelt Rug

If you’re concerned with demons invading your home, I suppose you could cast a spell of protection. (That’s what they’d do on Buffy, right?) Or, you could be like Melita Curphy and splay a dead demon pelt across the floor of your front hall. I think that’d send a pretty clear message.

Demon Pelt Rug

Face/ears/claws/teeth/horns are all hand sculpted and hand painted, head base is a foam taxidermy form.

Via Super Punch, who’s interpreting the message as, “This is the home of someone who has a lot of World of Warcraft figurines in fancy display cases in the library. And swords. Lots of swords.”

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  • Ben January 14, 2011, 12:06 pm

    Actually, she’s a brilliantly talent artist, costume designer, and all around bad ass. Miss Monster Mel to most, and you should click the link that takes you to missmonster.com and check her out.

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