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Don’t Play Angry!: Star Wars “Imperial March” on Dueling Pianos [Video]

Below, you can read the exchange that led to this delightful rendition of “The Imperial March” on dueling pianos by the duo of Greg Anderson and Liz Roe.

Anderson: We need to get more exposure for our act. We should make a viral video.

Roe: Yeah, but we play the piano. No one cares about pianos. I mean, sure, we play our pianos rather vehemently, but… still.

Anderson: What if we played a Star Wars song? The internet gobbles up that kind of sh*t.

Roe: Good point. I’m sure if we post a YouTube video of our playing “The Imperial March,” some hapless geek blogger will immediately post it, for fear of someone else posting it first. The rules of blogging can only work in our favor.

Anderson: Indeed. And then some kid on Tumblr will pick it up, and–because it’s something quirky having to do with Star Wars–it’ll get reposted and reposted like some kind of virtual circle-jerk. We just have to sit back and enjoy the publicity.

Roe: Does everyone know about this formula? ‘Cause it seems like more people would be doing it, if it were so obvious.

Anderson: Five words for you: George Lucas lives for royalties.

Roe: Oh, right. Well. He’d never come after a couple of innocent-faced kids like us, would he?

[Lightning strike]

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