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So the Mac ISN’T Perfect?: Operating Systems Venn Diagram

This (dated) Venn diagram about popular operating systems could just have easily been labeled like the nerd/dork/geek Venn diagram.

You’d find the Mac OS at the intersection of “intelligence” and “obsession,” Linux at the intersection of “intelligence” and “social ineptitude,” and Windows at “obsession” and “social ineptitude.”

Operating System Venn Diagram

Ok, so that Windows analogy didn’t really didn’t work so well, but you get my underlying point: Linux is for nerds.

Via Reddit, who lost its wallet at the intersection of clumsy and drunk.

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  • Akys August 21, 2010, 5:28 am

    Okay, I get it. You mean I, some anonymous middle-aged working-class guy, I am a ‘nerd’.

    Oh, but wait a second… I didn’t installed Kubuntu. I bought a computer with Kubuntu on it… All I had to do is to open it, and guess what? It worked. I never got any problem of any sort, and I’m using it every day since june 2008. Everything’s just far better than it ever was with Windows: like when I used Windows, with Kubuntu I can surf on the internet, read my emails, listen to music, watch my dvds, write my letters, view my photos… Oh, and now using Kubuntu, I don’t have virus issues, «driver» issues (why the hell does my computer need a «driver», anyway? I got a laptop, not a limo), random crashes, slowness… It just _works_ great.

    So here’s my friendly advice: why don’t you cut the crap and, I don’t know, maybe look out by yourself what Linux is really like today? Reading this note, I’m quite sure you’d be surprised. Your diagram features a nice ‘You wish’… I wouldn’t be astonished to know that what you wish is actually… Linux.

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