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Last September, I posted the insane-o trailer for Robot, Bollywood’s cracked-out version of a big-budget SyFy Original Movie, and we all absolutely lavished in the garish spectacle of its shameless over-the-topness.

Bollywood Robot Movie

Today’s good news is that a full nine minutes of footage from Robot have hit the intertubules (complete with commentary in Russian!*), and it’s got Japan looking over its shoulder in the International Batshit Relay Race. You can check out the footage, below.

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Rule of thumb: you’re not doing your fan film right unless you use it as an excuse to work with a hot young actress.

Just remember these four words: “I’ll make you famous.”

TMNT Fan Film Raphael

And, no, you shouldn’t mention to her that your elaborate exercise in cosplay has no chance of becoming her “breakout role.”

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Ok, so when you’re done checking out the bloody cleavage*, take a moment to appreciate the pièce de résistance of this zombie costume: the finger fries.

Zombie McDonalds Employee

Via Sexy Green Babes, who’s pretty sure that bloody cleavage is against corporate dress code. And it almost certainly is if any bloody nip is showing.

* If you had a nickel for every time you’ve heard that, eh?

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These hardcore fans of the charming video game Little Big Planet decided to commit themselves to keeping the felt and construction paper industries afloat with this video tribute.

Little Big Planet IRL

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Twitter Link Sampler – Week Ending January 22, 2011

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Because there is no limit to the amount of tantalizing costumed cleavage that I’ll post to win your affection. After all, cheap and pandering is our common language. And, also? English.

Anne Hathaway Catwoman

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I’m mostly indifferent to all things Doctor Who, but I know that many of you Who fans–and I’m not necessarily looking at those of you with two X chromosomes… much–will absolutely blow your stacks under duress of adorbz when you see this kid whose packaging- and graphic-designer daddy made him this baby Tardis out of  corrugated paper.

Baby Tardis


Via Mateo and Me, who resents me for using adorableness to create duress.

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