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The Top Six Terrible Spider-Man Tattoos

The Spider-Man musical gets a lot of the attention these days, but it’s not the only terrible thing featuring Spidey’s hapless mug.

6) The Spider-Man Tramp Stamp (P.S. WTF?)

Spider-Man Tramp Stamp
Source: Ugliest Tattoos

Nice job. Now, every time someone looks at you from behind, they’re going to wonder why Spider-Man’s spider-sense is tingling and he’s asking himself “WTF?” while he’s in the immediate vicinity of a potentially vaporous region of your body.

This is a pretty good prank; I’m just wondering why you decided to play it on yourself.

5) The Spider-Man Symbol Back Tattoo

Spider-Man Symbol Back Tattoo

Um. Hey. I think you’ve got something on your back.

4) The Spider-Man Sock Tattoo

Spider-Man Sock Tattoo

Further evidence that no one has ever un-ironically said, “Hey, check out that wicked sock tattoo.”

3) The Overgrown Spider-Man Symbol Chest Tattoo

Spider-Man Symbol Chest Tattoo
Source: GWS

Winner of the 2011 Award for Most Likely to Creep a Girl Out when Taking off His Shirt.

2) The Ripped Chest Skin Spider-Man Tattoo

Spider-Man Ripped Skin Tattoo
Source: The Internets

I spoke too soon.

1) The Terrible Spider-Man Figure Tattoos

Spider-Man Chest Tattoo
Source: Ugliest Tattoos

I’m not sure what’s more distracting in this Spider-Man tattoo: what passes for Spidey’s right leg, the bloody webbing, or the prospect that someone let an enthusiastic sixth-grader experiment with tattooing for the first time.

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3 comments… add one

  • Gail Pink March 23, 2011, 7:38 am

    I’m actually going to see a performance of “Spider Man” on Broadway tonight! So excited!

  • Lesley March 26, 2011, 10:09 pm

    Why in the tramp stamp is one of spidey’s eyes squinting? Is he smelling something, and that’s the reason for the wtf?
    My poor poor eyes…

  • Andrew July 21, 2011, 8:00 am

    That’s a tough list. Real hard to pick which one is the absolute worst of the bunch. I’m leaning towards the overgrown chest tattoo…

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