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GWS Reader’s Batman Chest Tattoo

I’ve been put to shame. This is like that time when I was 16 when I called up my friend Mike to brag about my SAT score, but he had gotten 60 more points than I did. Smackdown.

Try to imagine how I feel about the piddly, little Batman tattoo on my hip now that GWS reader “Bruce Wayne” (no, seriously) has provided me with an image of the huge Batman symbol permanently emblazoned across his chest. Or, as he calls it: his “Battoo.”

Batman Tattoo
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That, my friends, is commitment. For further insights into the mind of a man who admits that he “may in fact be a bit insane” (and wouldn’t you have to be to don a cowl and engage in nightly fisticuffs with the nastier denizens of Gotham City?), check out his MySpace page.

Artist and designer Matt Marsilia provided the artwork for the Battoo, and he has quite a portfolio (including an untreated version of the image, above) of other tattoos , comic book art, and miscellaneous goodness.

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  • nickolai November 8, 2007, 10:26 am

    Holy cow, that’s intense! So like Hulk Hogan, the first order of business before any fight would be to tear off your shirt to show your enemies what kind of berserker they’re messing with.

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