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Twitter Link Roundup – Week Ending Feb 7, 2009

Here’s a taste of the geeky curiosities from around the Web that I posted to my Twitter profile this week.  Follow me on Twitter for the four-and-a-half course meal.

Buffy Staked Edward T-Shirt

  • The perfect t-shirt for people who have their vampire-entertainment-properties priorities straight. http://is.gd/hePp
  • Let this be the first of many zombie cakes to come. (I shall make it so.) (P.S. That was not a ST:TNG shout-out.) http://is.gd/iaeR
  • You owe it to yourself to watch the ‘grindhouse’ promo for Terminator:TSCC/Dollhouse. Then, you know… watch the shows. http://is.gd/ims2
  • Retweeting @televisionary: Buffy movie update? “Yeah, there’s not going to be one.” – Joss.
  • Kirby cake is horribly slaughtered. Gawd, I’m morbid this week. http://is.gd/izPO
  • Just saw this in the window of a comic book shop: UNICORN VS. NARWHAL PLAY SET http://is.gd/iTae

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  • nickolai February 9, 2009, 11:37 am

    I’m pretty sure the narwhal would win. Those spiky bastards are bad-ass.

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