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Twitter Link Roundup – Week Ending Mar 14, 2009

Here’s a taste of the geeky curiosities from around the Web that I posted to my Twitter profile this week.  Follow me on Twitter for the four-course meal.

By the way, sorry, kiddies, but posting will be continue to be slow over the next week as the Real Job of Utmost Financial Importance keeps me busy with an upcoming product release.

Star Wars Pinata Cake

  • In what scene from Star Wars did Qui-Gon and Darth Maul fight on floating couch cushions next to a giant piñata? http://is.gd/mJfK
  • From the Green Lantern “Blackest Night” series comes… the Power Ring Display of Rainbow Gayness! http://is.gd/mEkr
  • Give your dishes cancer with these blue Dr. Manhattan dishwashing gloves. http://is.gd/ni49
  • Lightsabertooth Tiger. Makes no sense, and all kinds of sense. All at the same time. http://is.gd/ni7h
  • Action Comics #1 just purchased by System of a Down drummer for $317,000. THE ECONOMY IS SAVED! http://is.gd/nmtu

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  • cshanyn March 16, 2009, 7:50 am

    I was going to make some comment about how the tiger was totally stolen from the side of 70’s make-out van, but then I noticed that it was a German site and it all fell into place. “It had a tough time chewing….” hehehehehe….that just made me giggle.

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