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Surprise!: Super Mario Master Chief Tattoo [Geeky Tattoo]

I can only think of two reasons to possibly get a Super Mario Master Chief tattoo like this one.

Super Mario Master Chief Tattoo

1) You really, really like video games, but ran out of epidermal real estate for all of your tattooed tributes. (Your Dig Dug ink took up a lot of space, after all.)

2) You’re a staunch Nintendo fan and just want to antagonize Halo fan boys with a likeness of Master Chief as a goofy Italian plumber. And if the unsulliedness of your skin is the price you have to pay, then–damn it–so be it.

Either way, I thank you for inspiring my new blog, www.SomedayIllBeEmbarrassedToExplainThisToTheGrandkids.com.

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