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Twitter Link Roundup – Week Ending January 2, 2010

I hope you all had a delightfully restful holiday. But not as restful as mine. Because there’s a pecking order around here, damn it, and this pecker deserves his rest.

Jump–leap, even–into the new year with the goodness on my Twitter profile and the GWS Facebook Page.

  • Yes, that’s a missile launcher in the Punisher’s pocket, and yes, he’s happy to see you. http://bit.ly/6ivelU
  • Every single “Holy…!” uttered by Robin in the ’60s Batman series. What an inexpressive dork that kid was, eh? http://bit.ly/6oIbnv
  • Battlestar Rhapsody. Ok. That’s clever. http://bit.ly/6wLFYl
  • NSFW: Here’s what happens when you give body paint to Star Trek nerds. (Hint: I cry.) http://bit.ly/90pnmX
  • The most awful, ill-advised Star Wars playset EVER. (2nd photo down.) http://bit.ly/6XZHw8

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