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Twitter Link Roundup – Week Ending March 13, 2010

Follwing my Twitter profile or the GWS Facebook Page is better for you than a daily dose of vitamin C.*

* According to the scientist I have chained up in my lair.

Batman vs Shark

  • If someone had to take me down, I’m glad it could be Batman. With a lightsaber. http://bit.ly/aAm1By
  • FACT: Adamantium beats steel. http://bit.ly/a8g8jc
  • Luke Skywalker bathrobe. Strangely, not based on his Jedi Knight attire. Or on any of his more-attractive outerwear. http://bit.ly/dtIiC6
  • Watch this remix of the Iron Man 2 trailer and fall in love all over again. Or in lust. Whatever. http://bit.ly/bH3ZnX
  • You’ve seen steampunk Professor X wheelchair already, right? ‘Cause I know how you are w/ yr “steampunk” Google Alerts. http://bit.ly/9WPmQM

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