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Kooky Canine Cosplay, Mmkay?: A Real AT-AT Dog

Hey, you know that really cool “AT-AT Day Afternoon” video that I* posted last week? The one with the CGI AT-AT acting like a playful dog? Remember that?**

Well, some dude filmed a parody of that vid with his actual, real dog dressed in an AT-AT costume. Spoiler: the video is only mildly entertaining, but is worth watching solely to see how much the dog loves his damn AT-AT costume. Seriously. He even starts grinning at 0:06 like he’s on doggie dope or something.

Whenever I make my dog wear a costume, she looks at me like I’ve crushed whatever little spirit was left in her. Well, blame your stupid ancestors for getting domesticated 2,000 years ago, dog. Any animal, once domesticated, is subject to being made to wear stupid costumes.

Just ask horses.

Via Neatogeek, who doesn’t ask horses. He TELLS them. Stupid domesticated animals.

* Everyone with a blog.

** You know… the one that at least four of your friends forwarded to you.

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