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You’ll Shoot Your Eye Out! And Your Arm Off!: Custom-Built Airsoft Minigun

Some guy (or cyborg Oompa-Loompa?) who goes by Kuba_T1000 spent about $1,500 and a few years designing this Airsoft minigun in 3D modeling software, and then machining all of the pieces from aluminum.

It feeds plastic BBs from an electric ammo pack that holds 16,000 rounds.

Airsoft Minigun

And the result–as you can see in the firing demo in the video, below–is nothing but deeply satisfying for anyone who has ever known the metaphorical taste of testosterone.

Via Make, who always heard that testosterone tasted like cod liver, so he never tried it.

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  • nickolai August 19, 2010, 11:37 am

    Nice gun GWS! Tell me quick where I can buy one for my baby girl’s T-800 from T2 costume for halloween this year!

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