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Please Explain: Wind-Up Clockwork Carl Sagan

So who knew that a post featuring both Cthulhu and Hello Kitty wouldn’t be the creepiest thing on the blog, today? (I’ll give you two hints: 1. Me. 2. Your daddy. P.S. I’m your father! GO CLEAN YOUR ROOM.)

You are looking at a creep-tastic, custom-made wind-up toy of a steampunk-looking Carl Sagan by Larriva on Etsy:

Clockwork Carl is cast in rock hard, Durham’s Water Putty and is hand painted in acrylics. The hair is wool and the metal parts are from a wind-up toy.

Ok. I get that Carl Sagan is a cyborg. Obviously. But the jumping. Why with the jumping?

Via GadgetsIn, who never needs to see hopping putty-and-wool, ever again.

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