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This Marriage Comes with a Two-Year Contract: Google Android Wedding Cake [Geeky Cake]

Oh, dear.

Andy works for LG. Kaylee works for T-Mobile. They both love Android, and they weren’t afraid to use their wedding cake [by  Michelle Evans at Shelly’s Cakes] to show it.

You know how you’d be sad for someone if they got an iPhone cake for their wedding? Well, take that sadness and multiply by one-and-a-half.*

Android Wedding Cake

Via Gizmodo, who doesn’t think that anyone should celebrate their love in the name of soulless, corporate giants. Unless you’re celebrating a love of capitalism. In which case… cheers!

* Because Android phones are inherently 50% less cool than iPhones. TRUE FACT. And if you find yourself trying to dispute that fact, it’s because your bitter, jealous anger doesn’t know how else to express itself. Because it is foolish. Like your taste in phones.

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